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Need, say, social authentication feature for your software project? Or one of many other common features? You can build your own for days or you can connect to CloudFeature in minutes and start using the feature you need. You pay as you go and it costs next to nothing.


From design to MVP:

5 weeks, 326 hours


Final results:

CloudFeature may become an App Store for software features. The place where developers get ready-to-use features to significantly minimize development time. The place where developers sell their own features like apps in the App Store.

Now Remote Assembly is using CloudFeatures for faster project development. We’ve been able to fit about 20% more time in our average 6-weeks-long MVP development timeline in the first project developed with CloudFeatures.



Such common feature as image uploading and optimization, requires at least 30 hours to build. With CloudFeature a developer can install it in your project in few minutes. According to Jeff Sutherland, author of the Scrum project management methodology, 60-80% of time spent on a software project development is wasted. This happens mostly due to wrong assumptions that a particular feature is actually needed. CloudFeatures allows you to experiment way faster. Install a feature you need, pay as you go and if your users will not like it, you’ll lose just a few bucks for feature usage and few minutes of developer’s time needed for a CloudFeature installation. That’s quite agile, don’t you think so?



The most challenging part of this project was its architecture. Different features have very different workloads. Some of them need to load fast and often to execute a simple common task. Others have to be able to withstand a heavy, sometimes rare task, like multimedia file processing. Some of them have sustained usage. Others have huge load spikes and periods of time without usage at all. Besides that, CloudFunction need to track which project uses a particular function to keep track of billing. And, of course, all of this has to be really cost-efficient.

Remote Assembly team managed to create architecture that fulfills all of these necessities.