What we do

I bet you’ve read a lot of these lately and right now you are thinking: “Just quit this marketing bs and give me facts”. This page is as straightforward as it gets. Enjoy!

Here’s the essence: We build webapps, mobile apps, servers and data processing pipelines. Only complex customized projects. Usually it takes about 6 weeks to deliver MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to release. We haven’t failed a single MVP deadline during the last two years. All of our clients can reach us at any time any day in case of emergency. We do not require pre-payments. Scrum by Jeff Sutherland is our must-read for all teamleads. We are Objectivists and we use Holacratic approaches in management. Below you can find some info on how we work, who we are, what techs we use and, of course, you can find some tasty case studies. Wish you luck in your business!

Anton Kulikalov
Founder, CEO

How we do it

  1. Tell me a story. We’ll start by describing the project from users’ perspective. It’s not YOU who wants the app to have registration through social networks, it’s the User. As User, I want to sign up, so I can get access to custom content. Together we’ll need to describe your project the way users see it.
  2. Let’s strip it down. All these user stories describe various features that bring value to your customer. Though ~20% of them bring ~80% of value to customer. Let’s find those 20% — this will be your MVP (Minimum VIable Product).
  3. Prototyping. We’ll take these MVP user stories and create an interactive design. Then we’ll be meeting again and again and going through steps 1 to 3 until we are certain enough about our course of actions.
  4. Get ready to execute. We’ll dedicate 6 weeks to the MVP development. We’ll be developing it in one-week sprints. At the end of each sprint you will see a usable result and list of things that only you can fix, that are staying in our way and not allowing to execute faster.
  5. It’s showtime. At the end of the 6th week we must have the app live and available to users. Let’s plug in some analytics and see what is going on out there. We need your users to tell you new stories, that we can prototype and develop.
  6. The ongoing development begins here. It’s good news, because if your project needs new features, then it’s alive.

Core team

We build products the Agile way. We manage company the Holacracy way. We create products for our clients along with our own products. We are small and therefore we work twice as hard.

  • Teamlead
  • Sergey
  • React-ive personality
  • Odessa
  • Teamlead
  • Vadim
  • Backend, DevOps,
  • Neftekamsk
  • Teamlead
  • Ivan
  • Doesn’t work
    in KGB
  • Moscow
  • Founder, CEO
  • Anton
  • Improves improvements
  • Warsaw
  • Founder, CFO
  • Artem
  • Knows where to
    get more gold
  • St.Petersburg


Product Design

Everyone who works on a project must have clear picture of what it suppose to become. We pay close attention to this aspect, and therefore we do not overrun deadlines. It doesn’t mean we are spending excessive amounts of time on this. We use Sketch to design UI. With its advanced features like Sketch Libraries we are reducing time spent on design and at the same time improving quality.



Do you need proof of concept? You shouldn’t risk your money and time developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Consider asking us to build Prototype instead. Basically, Prototype is an interactive design, where you can navigate through different screens, observe animations, etc. Show it to your customers and ask them if they are willing to pay for it. Then MVP!

Web apps and mobile apps

React JS with REDUX is our tool of choice for dynamic webapps. It is popular, fast, flexible, and therefore is one of the best frontend frameworks so far.

React-native s the best solution for cross-platform mobile applications right now. It combines the simplicity of development with native code performance. In rare cases, when react-native is not covering our clients’ needs, we build native modules with Objective-C and Java.


Node JS is well suited for applications with a lot of concurrent connections, and each request only needs a few CPU cycles, because the event loop (with all the other clients) is blocked during execution of a function.

Google Cloud Platform provides us with everything: container/compute engines, load balancing, scalable data processing, analytics, logging, machine learning, serverless architecture, etc. And beautiful documentation.



We have staging deployments, which means you (and your beta testers) will have access to the product before it being deployed to production environment. It includes mobile apps (Test Flight for App Store and Beta for Google Play). The rest is usual: quick production deployments, automated tests, etc.

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